height datum

height datum
See altitude datum.

Military dictionary. 2000.

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  • Australian Height Datum — The Australian Height Datum is a geodetic datum for altitude measurement in Australia. According to Geoscience Australia, In 1971 the mean sea level for 1966 1968 was assigned the value of zero on the Australian Height Datum at thirty tide gauges …   Wikipedia

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  • height — i. The vertical distance of a level, a point or an object considered as a point, measured from a specified datum (ICAO). Height may be indicated as follows: (all above ground level) very low above ground level but below 500 ft; low 500 up to 2000 …   Aviation dictionary

  • Chart datum — US civil and maritime uses of tidal data A chart datum is the level of water that charted depths displayed on a nautical chart are measured from. A chart datum is generally a tidal datum; that is, a datum derived from some phase of the tide.… …   Wikipedia

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  • Ordnance Datum — In the British Isles, an Ordnance Datum or OD is a vertical datum used by an ordnance survey as the basis for deriving altitudes on maps. A spot height may be expressed as AOD for above ordnance datum . Usually mean sea level (MSL) is used for… …   Wikipedia

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