missed approach

missed approach
An approach which is not completed by landing.

Military dictionary. 2000.

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  • Missed approach — Terminal procedures for an ILS approach, including Missed Approach instructions Missed approach is an instrument flight rules procedure which is a standard (but optional) component segment of an instrument approach.[1] Generally, if the pilot… …   Wikipedia

  • missed approach — An approach not completed by landing for any reason but mainly because of the inability of the pilot to sight the runway by its decision height or decision altitude. The pilot must advise ATC (air traffic control) and comply with published missed …   Aviation dictionary

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  • missed approach — noun A failure of a pilot to properly land an aircraft due to various factors, requiring a go around for the next attempt …   Wiktionary

  • Missed approach point — (MAPt or MAP) is the point prescribed in each instrument approach at which a missed approach procedure shall be executed if the required visual reference does not exist. It defines the point for precision and non precision approaches when the… …   Wikipedia

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  • missed approach turning waypoint — The waypoint designated in the missed approach segment of an instrument approach segment of an instrument approach procedure to which an aircraft will automatically fly en route to the specified missed approach holding waypoint …   Aviation dictionary

  • Missed approach point — Der Fehlanflugpunkt (engl. missed approach point, MAPt oder MAP) ist der Punkt (Ort) während eines Non Precision Instrumentenanfluges (dtsch. Nicht Präzisionsanflug), an dem der Pilot das Durchstarten einleiten muss, falls die Landebahn nicht in… …   Deutsch Wikipedia